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About Us

Glyptic Arts is a 3D foam sculpting studio. We’re able to bring your imagination’s most iteresting theme ideas to reality in any size. We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality & the services provided to the customer. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent price.

We specialize in making of customised FRP/GRC/Metal Sculptures & Wall Art, FRP/GRC Elevations, FRP/GRC Premium planters, Props/Enlargements, 3D Signages & Billboards, Wedding Sets, Foam Props, GRC Jali, Themed Artworks, FRP/GSC DOmes, Pergola/Gazebo.

New innovative technologies and molding techniques make our artworks indistinguishable from authentic materials. FRP/GRC products are chosen over other materials because it is lightweight, cost effective, corrosion resistant and is virtually maintenance free.

Fibreglass products have excellent weatherbility, heat resistance & chemical resistant properties. Frp can be painted or the color can be molded on the surface.

We have replaced the onerous manual process with an automated solution which helps in completing the projects faster and with perfect scale, proportion & detail every time.

Our Mission

At Glyptic Arts, we are idea builders, creative problem solvers, solution providers and artists with missions. As a motley crew, coming from a vast array of education, work experience and individually curated talents, we form a team of visionaries in the design and fabrication industry. Glyptic Art’s mission is to create and exceed our clients ideas and expectations of what is possible.

Knowledgeable and focused Team

Using our fabrication knowledge and years of experience in building custom environments and props, our Glyptic Art’s executive team focuses on the management and delivery of our projects. Our foam carving system has the ability to create perfect replicas and enlargement of art works with an accurate, efficient and in-house solution.